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Key equipment for PCB intelligent manufacturing

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Key equipment for PCB intelligent manufacturing

  • 2019-06-18

Key equipment for PCB intelligent manufacturing --legend printing machine + automatic up-down material system

The application of intelligent equipment will release more people from labor, and instead, the machine will take on more mechanical and repetitive work, helping the enterprises to control the rising labor cost. And it will contribute a lot to enter a high-efficiency intelligence production mode under the large-scale mass production. This blog will introduce an intelligent legend printer + automatic up-down material system, which achieves the replacement upgrades from machine to automation equipment and become the key equipment for PCB boards manufacturing.

Equipment introduction:

Legend printer + automatic up-down material system

* Legend printer: It has the advantages of high precision, high quality, high software flexibility and strong equipment expansion.

* Automatic up-down material system: It can be used to replace manual repetitive, mechanical work. Compared with manual operation, it can reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

It is suitable for PCB legend printing processing to replace the traditional screen printing, cooperating with the automatic up-down material system to provide PCB manufacturers with a set of high-precision, high-quality and high-efficiency printing production solutions.

pcb legend printing machine

Equipment Characteristics:

1. Stable output capacity: reduce the problem of poor productivity stability caused by human factors.

2. Good printing stability: legend printer + automatic up-down material system can ensure the stability of the entire system operation.

3. Excellent printing quality: mass production model PY300 has a large number of customer verification and can ensure the stability of printing quality.

4. High printing accuracy: high-quality optical alignment and automatic expansion and contraction compensation, to ensure the alignment accuracy of the printing.

5. Automatic up-down material system cost-effective: to achieve automatic flip printing function.

6. Saving labor costs: You can control multiple machines by one person or operate the machine with one person.

Print sample:

The advantages of printing compared to traditional silk screen:

1.The production cycle is short, no need to make a stencil. The pre-curing can reduce printing errors and baking time;

2.The text resolution is in high accuracy, and can print the minimum 0.5mm word height while the minimum line width is 75~90μm;

3. It has a high printing precision, and can automatically adjust the printing data according to the board's ups and downs, to obtain the best printing effect;

4.The printing data is personalized (variable), such as automatically changing the serial number of the serial number;

5. The printing process is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

This intelligent legend printer + automatic up-down material system has broken through the traditional legend printers and made board production more efficient. In order to provide better service,Fast turn PCB will also introduce this equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of mass production.

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