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What can products become after the commercialization of flexible electronic technology?

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What can products become after the commercialization of flexible electronic technology?

  • 2019-07-10

Recently, flexible electronic technology has begun to be used for commercial purposes. What did the product become after commercializing? Let us explore it together in this blog.

GE Healthcare Wristband Prototype

Researchers from General Electric (GE) Medical Group demonstrated a wristband prototype using a stress-relieving structure and a low-temperature solder-mounted BGA. They are now investigating a patch that embeds four medical-grade biosensors with manufacturable materials.

Thinner and lighter flexible Arduino development board

A member in NextFlex has created a small, flexible Arduino development board that has been described last year with its proof-of-concept capabilities. However, compared to the traditional development board that is three times heavier, this new flexible board only needs to perform nine (previously 19) low temperature steps, and the chip used is also thinned to 30 microns.

Thin wafer process commercialization

Over the past one year, American Semiconductor has begun thinning 200mm (mm) and 300mm wafers to 5-10 microns(um) for suppliers such as AMS, Cypress, Nordic and NXP. The company will process approximately 1,500 wafers per week at its Boise plant. These chips include temperature sensors, NFC transceivers and the Arm Cortex-M0 processor, which are used in automotive and aircraft systems as well as white household appliances.

UAV with conformal antenna

Boeing uses 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and 75 GHz flexible antennas for flight control, streaming video and collision avoidance for short-haul unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Flex intelligent shirt debut

Flex showcases intelligent sportswear and military shirts that use sensors with dry electrodes and DuPont's conductive fabric Intexar for heat dissipation. The jackets worn by the US national team at the Winter Olympics used DuPont materials.

Jabil creates printed circuits on plastic

Contract manufacturer Jabil demonstrates its ability to build flexible electronics for the augmented reality (AR), automotive and medical markets.

Test, medical flexible panel

MicroConnex has produced a small number of display board demonstrating its ability to produce up to 5,000 flexible panels per month at the Snoqualmie plant in Washington, DC, which is currently manufacturing products for testing probe cards, hearing aids and ultrasonic transducers.

After the commercialization of flexible electronic technology, the products are diversified. For flexible circuit boards, Fast turn PCB is also at the leading level. In addition to the conventional 2.4.6 laminates, we are also very good at making multi-layer flexible boards to ensure that you can meet the commercialization needs of your flex board products.

Click on the link to link more about the process capabilities for the flex board.

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